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■ What is “Jorte Cloud”?

We are considering about making synchronization linkage and sharing between Android Jorte and our unique Web system possible, and providing social service (under development) by joining schedules.

And to obtain necessary information and linkage with other phones will be possible. “Jorte Cloud” can be used free as “Jorte” application is.

We are planning to expand variety of functions such as diary, useful business tools and contents for women(icons, background graphics etc…). Some will be provided with charge.

■ What is calendar mode?

Variety of calendar settings are possible by clicking “Calendar Management (wheel icon)” on upper left of the screen.

  1. My Calendar

    Only the user themselves can use this calendar.

    * Maximum of 3 calendars can be created.

  2. Share Calendar

    Calendars can be shared with people in your office and your friends.

    Setting of sharing calendar authorization(editing is possible, browsing only etc…)is possible.

    * Maximum of 3 calendars can be created.

  3. Public Calendar

    This calendar is open to everyone.

    Jorte users can view a calendar and non-Jorte users with public calendar URL can view a calendar without logging in.

    Editing public calendar can be shared with people in your office and your friends.

    You can check number of people who obtained the created public calendar.

    * Maximum of 5 calendars can be created.

  4. Referring Calendar

    It is possible to obtain other user’s public calendar.

    * Maximum of 5 calendars can be created.

  5. Google Calendar

    It is possible to use currently using Google Calendar at Jorte Cloud.

    Not only viewing but also editing and deleting schedules are possible.

    * Only 1 Google Account can be used but all My Calendars created within the account can be obtained.

■ What is “Tasks & Memos”?

Jorte Cloud has “Tasks & Memos”.

Task is a list of “description of work”, “things that has to be done” and “things that should not forget”.

And “newly findings” and “worth remembering” can be registered as notes.

By tapping triangle icon on the left side of the title at My Tasks list, day display can be shown.

Also, non-display can be set if necessary.

[upper right on the screen(wheel)]->[Default settings of the Tasks & Memos]

* Linkage between Jorte Cloud and Google Tasks is not mounted.

■ I do not know how to operate basic operations

Followings are the basic operations of Jorte Cloud.

  1. Click a date and register schedules.
  2. By clicking letter of registered schedule again, checking details, editing and deleting are possible.
  3. By clicking [<][>], next month or previous month can be displayed.
  4. By clicking [This month] button, screen returns to a current month.
  5. By [upper right on the screen(wheel)], variety of settings that fit your needs can be selected.
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